From furniture shopping to kayaking and from whale watching to hiking, there are a myriad of things to do in Cosón and neighboring Las Terrenas. If you choose to venture outside of the resort, prepare for a tropical playground that balances relaxation and adventure.


Only 12 minutes from your luxury residence, lies the village of Las Terrenas. The town has a unique culture and owes its bohemian attitude to a multicultural mélange of Spanish, Italian and French influences. Venture into town to experience a place that is truly one of a kind.



The shopping on the island is a traveler’s paradise. A walk through the colorful streets of Las Terrenas’ marketplace will expose you to everything from the finest artisan jewelry to a wide selection of Dominican stogies. The town is also famous for its French clothing and stylish home décor, which means that there is something for everyone in this island bazaar.



If you are looking for a way to spend the day, there is no better way than a hike to Cascada De Limon. A 45 minute hike will lead you right to the heart of this majestic waterfall. Once you arrive, you can swim in the refreshing pool of freshly fallen waters. If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to reach this wonder, a tour can be arranged by horseback.



If a morning at the local fish markets doesn’t appeal to you, then some fresh caught seafood is just what you need. Deep-sea fishing trips can be found all around the island. One could expect to catch Mahi Mahi, Wahoo or Sailfish in the deep Dominican waters; and while the catch of the day is always a treat, the real prize is the memories you will be creating while you wait for bites on your line.


Another great way to spend a day is by boating in the crystal clear waters off Cosón Beach in the Atlantic Ocean. Whether its by catamarans, power boats or luxury yachts, anything can be arranged, so pack your swimsuit.


With an abundance of forged hiking trails on the island, a step in any direction can lead you to spectacular tropical getaways filled with beaches, mountains and waterfalls. One trail of particular interest is the hike down “The Coffee Road”, which offers an opportunity to discover another facet of Dominican life. The excursion is a fantastic way to explore some of the local cocoa producing villages.


The island is shared home to Los Haitises National Park. Here you can tour the nationally protected virgin forest, as well as tour the natural caverns created by water erosion. These ancient caverns are adorned with petroglyphs, giving this tour an irresistible air of mystery. The stunning beaches are also one of the only in the area to be completely surrounding by coral reefs.


January through March is of particular interest to avid whale watchers as that is when over 3,500 humpback whales return to their breeding grounds in the warm waters offshore. As they undertake their long migration, the beaches of Cosón become the perfect place to paddle out and get the experience of a lifetime. There is truly nothing that compares to the majestic beauty that awaits you.


We hope our guests will be comforted in knowing that even though they are surrounded by a tropical paradise, first class healthcare is just 5.6 kilometers away. 24-hour emergency room access, free 24-hour ambulance services, a full intensive care unit, a chest pain unit, and surgery centers are all available if needed. All guests should feel safe knowing they are in capable hands.



With an abundance of home furnishing options available locally, the classic design of your luxury unit can easily be elevated to reflect your personal taste. From the finest local woodcrafters who build and design custom furniture, to island inspired shell creations, to national brands everything you need for your home can be found in the area.