It’s now possible to bask in the pleasures of life with the most diverse attractions surrounded by a peaceful habitat all within reach of your property. Owners and occupants will enjoy the exclusive lifestyle combining the luxury of a city apartment with the unique landscape of the Coson Bay and its great mountains. All while achieving a harmonious balance between the natural environment surrounded by ancient trees, majestic gardens and sand beaches.

Welcome to Colina Al Mar.

Twelve buildings with forty-eight beautiful villas each that take advantage of the sunlight and Atlantic ocean breeze with their open design. Carefully built with natural materials of the highest quality and the finest contemporary amenities. Colina Al Mar Mountain Residences offer different models that will be adapted to your needs.

Included in the purchase of a Colina Al Mar Villa, there is also a membership of our Beach Club, located a mile away at Coson Beach, one of the Top Ten Beaches in the World by Luxury Living International Magazine.